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Same Day Teeth


The Problem

If you have lost many teeth, you may have reached a tipping point where you can no longer eat or smile normally. Craig Jack at Maple Dentalcare says, “Maybe you still have some teeth but they are so loose or broken down that eating has become difficult and uncomfortable. At the same time the appearance of your teeth may have deteriorated to such an extent that you are embarrassed to smile. Not being able to enjoy food and talk comfortably often gets people down.  For some people the idea of having removable dentures to replace their teeth is unacceptable.”


Now The Manchester Implant Centre at Maple Dentalcare is offering a treatment called ‘Same Day Teeth’ to put back fixed teeth, in a single day, which look and feel great. There’s no need to put up with dentures that move around and you can enjoy the benefits of being able to eat everything and smile with confidence.  This treatment is suitable for people who have upper or lower teeth that are beyond repair or no teeth at all. It’s also excellent for people who have very little gum and bone.

This technique has revolutionised implant dentistry and there is no other oral surgical technique that can give such an immediate life-changing improvement in patients’ quality of life. Patients are transformed from when they enter the surgery having no teeth, problem failing teeth or loose dentures. They leave the surgery delighted with their new fixed implant bridge that restores chewing function, appearance and confidence at the same time.



The Benefits of Same Day Teeth

There are real benefits to this treatment
  • It’s a fixed replacement for dentures, providing an immediate solution within 24 hours, or even less.
  • The rear dental implants may be placed at an angle, which reduces the need for bone grafting.
  • The patient is able to eat a soft diet as soon as their new teeth are in place, and can smile with confidence.



Example Diary of Same Day Teeth

Initial consultation and clinical examination:

The implant dentist needs to decide whether you are suitable for this procedure. This involves a complete clinical examination of your mouth and a discussion about the different treatment options. The dentist will take an X-ray and a 3-Dimensional scan of your jaw to measure the quantity and quality of bone. Impressions of your teeth and gums, or existing dentures, may also be taken. This information is used to plan your treatment.

Following this and any other diagnostic appointments, and if no bone grafting or further treatment is required, impressions will be taken of your mouth so that the provisional teeth can be made by the technician. Your surgical appointment will be scheduled.

Day of surgery:

After arriving at the dental clinic and getting settled, any remaining teeth with a poor prognosis are removed.

A minimum of four dental implants are then placed in the jaw. Intravenous sedation is often used in order to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable throughout surgery.

The implants that are placed in the back of the jaw may be placed at an angle of up to 45 degrees. This ensures that there is maximum stability for the implants and a balanced distribution to support your bite.

Abutments, which are posts attached to the implants, are fitted to the implants.


 The new, provisional, teeth which have been made from impressions taken at previous visits, are attached to the abutments and adjusted for maximum comfort. The fixed teeth will feel very secure and you can return home with your new, confident smile.

The final restoration:

There are some follow up appointments to check all is well with your new teeth. After three to six months the implants should have completely fused with the jaw bone. Depending on your treatment plan, your dentist may take new impressions in order to create a final, stronger set of fixed teeth. These teeth will then be fitted and adjusted to fit.


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