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11 Maple Road, Brooklands, M23 9HN.  Tel. 0161 973 0565

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Quality Care

We have an experienced team of Implant Dentists.

Quality Care

Well focussed and enthusiastic support staff.

Quality Care

We are very proud of the modern facilities in our practice.

Quality Care

We employ highly skilled technicians, using state of the art equipment and the best possibe materials.

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We are happy to see patients referred by colleagues for implant treatments.


Referral Procedure

When we receive your referral request, whether by post, fax, e-mail or online, your patient will be contacted to make an appointment.
The initial consultation will take approximately 40 minutes and will consist of medical and social background information, a full  examination and assessment and radiographs to assess the extent of the patient’s problem.
All the options and choices open to the patient will be discussed in detail with patient. If it is a particularly complex case a further visit may be necessary as well taking study models. The patient may need referral for a CT scan.

A full report  will be sent to you, the referring dentist, and the patient will have a written estimate of the fees involved.
When the patient is ready to proceed with treatment we will make all the necessary appointments and will send you regular reports on the progress of your patient.

During treatment at the Manchester Implant Centre, the patient is always reminded of the necessity of continuing to visit you, their general dental practitioner, for regular examinations and treatment.


Code of Practice

  • Referred patients will not be accepted for any treatment other than that which the referring dentist has requested.
  • A full written report will be sent to the referring dentist and a copy to the patient.
  • No treatment will be carried out without an estimate of fees given to the patient.
  • If you have any problems/queries we will endeavour to address them as soon as possible.


We can provide a complete service i.e. implant(s) and restoration(s) or just provide the implant and refer the patient back for completion of the restorative treatment.


To Refer a Patient Please:



0161 973 0565




Or complete the Online Referral Form  HERE




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