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Quality Care

We have an experienced team of Implant Dentists.

Quality Care

Well focussed and enthusiastic support staff.

Quality Care

We are very proud of the modern facilities in our practice.

Quality Care

We employ highly skilled technicians, using state of the art equipment and the best possibe materials.

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Manchester Implant Centre


Dental Implants have changed the face of dentistry over the last 25 years.This section will give you an overview of the topic of dental implants, to be followed by more detail in additional sections. 

Eat, Talk, Smile and Laugh with Confidence

Dental implants can be used to support single crowns, multiple tooth bridges or full dentures. The aesthetic and functional results are generally better than loose prostheses. When properly looked after, implant supported dental restorations can last a lifetime.

  • A dental implant is a titanium metal rod used to replace lost or failing tooth roots
  • Implant supported false teeth overcome the inconvenience and discomfort of loose dentures
  • With implants there’s no need to damage adjacent healthy teeth to attach a bridge
  • Continuing to use the underlying bone reduces resorption, which can cause later problems

"Over the longer term, dental implants are usually a more cost-effective and satisfactory option".

British Dental Health Foundation patient information leaflet



Dental implants - restoring natural smiles,

comfort and confidence

Dental implants are permanent replacements for failing or missing tooth roots. They are titanium supports for replacement teeth, such as crowns, bridges and dentures. They enable the restoration of a natural smile, improving patient comfort and confidence. For many dental problems, both functional and aesthetic, implant treatment is increasingly the patient’s preferred option.

Patient benefits

  • Look, feel and function the same as natural teeth
  • Confidence of a completely natural smile
  • Ability to eat, talk and laugh normally
  • Facial profile and gum vitality are maintained
  • No loose or uncomfortable dentures

Clinical advantages

  • No need to damage the adjacent teeth, such as with conventional bridgework
  • Continued use (loading) of the supporting bone reduces shrinkage caused by biological resorption
  • Restorations secured with implants are as firm as natural teeth
  • With appropriate care, dental implants can last a lifetime
  • Cost-effective in the long term compared with other types of restoration
  • High treatment success rates

Conditions which can be treated with

dental implants

  • Replacing one or more missing teeth with individual implant-supported single crowns
  • Replacing fixed bridges or partial dentures with an implant-supported bridge
  • Stopping a full denture from moving around
  • Replacing a full denture with a full arch bridge

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